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QVGA LCD Automotive Controller

The S2D13719 is a LCD controller solution designed with support for digital video in automotive markets. The S2D13719 contains an integrated dual port camera interface, hardware JPEG encoder/decoder and can be interfaced to an external MPEG codec. Seamlessly connecting to both direct and indirect CPU interfaces, it provides support for up to QVGA panels. The LCD controller supports all standard TFT panel types. The S2D13719, with its 512 KB of embedded SRAM and rich feature set, provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets requiring digital video.

Additionally, products requiring a rotated display can take advantage of the SwivelViewTM feature which provides hardware rotation of the display memory transparent to the software application. The S2D13719 also provides support for "Picture-in-Picture " (a variable size window with overlay functions). Higher performance is provided by the hardware acceleration engine which provides 2D BitBLT functions.

The S2D13719 provides impressive support for automotive solutions requiring digital video support. Its impartiality to CPU type or operating system makes it an ideal display solution for a wide variety of applications.

NOTE: S1D13719 is also available for non-automotive applications (does not meet automotive spec).

For inquiries regarding unlisted operating systems or platforms, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Product Brief Rev 1.1 ( pdf, 124 KB ) (207 downloads)
Hardware Specification Rev 1.2 ( pdf, 5.42 MB ) (3262 downloads)
S5U13719P00C100 Evaluation Board User Manual Rev 1.1 ( pdf, 928 KB ) (3325 downloads)
S5U13U00P00C100 USB 2.0 Adapter Board User Manual Rev 1.0 ( pdf, 685 KB ) (2558 downloads)
S1D13xxx USB Evaluation Board Driver for Windows ( zip, 122 KB ) (501 downloads)
13719CFG Configuration Utility (2009-04-23) ( zip, 408 KB ) (115 downloads)
Win32 Utilities (CFG, PLAY, SDCARD, YUVDISP, CAPTURE, JPEGENCODE, JPEGENCODE and VIDEO) ( zip, 2.78 MB ) (392 downloads)
13719SRC Source Code (2009-04-23) ( zip, 990 KB ) (156 downloads)