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EPD Controllers



Dear Customers,

Epson is working to improve the customer experience for new EPD controller designs. To facilitate this we would like to introduce you to our EU / US design support partner Visionect. Visionect offers production-ready EPD development kits with on-line documentation, guidance, training and support.


Visionect Website


Visionect has supported EPSON’s EPD controllers for many years as one of our “centers of excellence”. Epson will transfer new EPD design inquires to Visionect. Existing customers with active EPD designs will continue to be supported directly by Epson without exception until Aug 2016. This announcement does not influence production of our EPD controllers which continues unaffected.


NOTE: For information on the S1D13C00 Memory Display Controller which can support some EInk EPD panels designed for wearables, click here.


If you have any questions please contact your local Epson Sales office.


For a summary of controller features please refer to the EPD Controller Cross Reference Table.