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Memory Display Controller


The S1D13C00 is a display controller for low-power memory and EInk EPD displays used in wearable devices. It supports interfaces to 6-bit color memory-in-pixel (MIP) panels, 3-bit and 1-bit black-and-white panels (SPI interface), EInk EPD panels (3/4-wire serial interface), and 1/2/4/8 bpp grayscale memory LCD panels (8-bit parallel or 3/4-wire serial).


The S1D13C00 has 96Kbytes of RAM which can be used as a frame buffer and other functions. The display controller also includes a Drawing Engine and an Image/Bitmap Copying Engine with scaling and rotation or horizontal and vertical shear. A voltage booster circuit in the S1D13C00 provides two programmable supply voltages for powering the different panels supported. The S1D13C00 has built-in 32kHz, 8MHz, 12MHz, 16MHz, and 20MHz internal oscillators which supply clocks needed for operations. In addition to the display controller functions, the S1D13C00 also has other peripherals such as real-time clock/calendar (RTC), SPI, QSPI, I2C, DMA Controller, Sound Generator, and IR remote control transmitter.


The S1D13C00 has an Event Processor which has a simple instruction set for reading/writing memory and registers. For example, microcode can be written for the Event Processor to read the current time from the RTC and update the display with the current time value. The Host MCU does not need to wake up to perform this display update function.


The S1D13C00 is a flexible, low cost, low power multifunction solution that meets the display demands of wearable devices.


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