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XGA External SDRAM Automotive Controller


The S2D13513 is a highly integrated display controller capable of supporting up to XGA TFT LCD panels. With the flexibility of an external SDRAM memory interface, this low cost, low power device supports a wide range of CPUs, panels, and a camera port that can be configured as 2x 8-bit ports. The S2D13513 feature set and architecture are designed to meet the requirements of automotive markets.

The S2D13513 features both sprite and 2D BitBLT engines designed to reduce the load on the host, while increasing the performance of graphics intensive operations. Additionally, the S2D13513 offers such features as multiple windows, alpha blending, gamma correction, and mirror/rotation functions which allow user configurability of various images on the Main/PIP1/PIP2 displays. The S2D13513's impartiality to CPU type or operating system makes it an ideal display solution for a wide variety of applications.

NOTE: S1D13513 is also available for non-automotive applications (does not meet automotive spec).

For inquiries regarding unlisted operating systems or platforms, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.