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SVGA USB Interface LCD Controller


The S1D13U11 is a SVGA USB interface LCD controller with an external SDRAM interface. The external SDRAM interface allows for support of a variety of memory sizes for the display buffer.

The S1D13U11 supports a USB2.0 High-speed device port interface and provides high performance bandwidth to external SDRAM, allowing for fast screen updates. Supporting TFT panels up to a SVGA resolutions (800x600), it can output either 24 bpp (RGB888) or 16 bpp (RGB565). The design also includes display features such as Picture-in-Picture, Double-Buffering, Alpha Blending, and Mirror/Rotation functions.

Additionally the S1D13U11 supports one I2C and two SPI serial interfaces allowing it to be connected to an external touch screen controller and serial flash ROM. The S1D13U11 is an ideal choice for a wide variety of application requiring an LCD controller to connect between a host CPU and LCD panel via the USB port.

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