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XGA Simple LCD Controller



The S1D13L04 is a simple, multi-purpose graphics LCD controller which supports color TFT LCD panels with up to XGA resolution. With an external SDRAM memory controller, it allows up to 16Mbyte as a display frame buffer. The S1D13L04 supports most popular CPU interfaces in both 16-bit and direct/indirect variations. 


The S1D13L04’s combination of multiple CPU interfaces and display interface types offers a versatile, yet easy to develop display system. Additionally, it offers such features as multiple windows (PIP), alpha blending, gamma correction, and mirror/rotation which allow user configurability of various images on the Main/PIP1/PIP2 windows.

The S1D13L04 is a flexible, low cost, low power solution that meets the demands of embedded markets such as medical, office automation, factory automation, home automation and measuring instruments, where total system cost concerns can still be met when using TFT panels up to XGA resolution. Additionally, it’s impartiality to CPU type or operating system also makes it an ideal display solution for a wide variety of other applications.


NOTE: The S5U13513R00C100 and S5U13513P00C100 evaluation boards can be used to evaluate both the S1D13513 and the S1D13L04 Simple LCD Controller which shares many features with the S1D13513. The following table offers a comparison of the controllers.


S1D13513 / S1D13L04 Comparison
Up to XGA resolution Yes Yes
Up to 16MB external SDRAM Yes Yes
Direct and Indirect host support Yes Yes
Serial host support Yes Yes
Dual Camera / Video input Yes No
Multiple overlay windows Yes Yes
2D BitBLT engine Yes No
4 channel PWM for backlight Yes Yes
Sprite Engine Yes No
Gamma Correction Yes Yes
Mirrow and 180 degree rotation Yes Yes
PIP2 alpha blending Yes Yes
QFP package Yes Yes
PFBGA package Yes No
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