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WQVGA LCD Controller


      S1D13781 LUT Demo                  S1D13781 BitBLT Demo


The S1D13781 is a multi-purpose graphics LCD controller with 384 KB embedded SRAM display buffer which supports both RGB interface TFT and CSTN panels. The S1D13781 supports most popular CPU interfaces in both 8/16-bit and direct/indirect variations. The embedded display buffer allows WQVGA up to 480x272 at 24 bpp or 800x480 8 bpp for single layer display, or 480x272 at 16 bpp (main layer) and 480x272 at 8 bpp (PIP layer) for two layer display.


The S1D13781's combination of multiple CPU interfaces and display interface types offers a versatile, yet easy to develop display system. Additionally, it offers multiple window support, transparency and alpha blending functions, as well as 2D BitBLT functions. It is a flexible, low cost, low power, single chip solution designed to meet the demands of embedded markets, such as office automation, factory automation, and building equipment, where total system cost and battery life are major concerns. It's impartiality to CPU type or operating system makes it an ideal display solution for a wide variety of applications.

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