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WVGA LCD Controller


The S1D13748 is a low cost, low power WVGA LCD Controller providing TFT panel support for embedded products requiring up to WVGA resolution. Supporting up to three display layers, the S1D13748 provides the host processor with flexibility in handling multiple image sources. Its ability to receive high speed host writes, combined with its support for a wide variety of LCD panels, makes the S1D13748 an excellent choice for a multitude of LCD applications.

The S1D13748 includes a pixel doubling feature which allows easy migration to larger panel sizes using existing image data. The feature set includes independent resizing of PIP window image data using the bi-cubic scaler, scrolling control for each layer, and LCD output manipulation such as gamma control and optional dithering. This allows the host processor to provide image data, but off-loads the image processing requirement from the host.

The S1D13748 contains 1024 KB of embedded SRAM which is used to store image data for up to three layers which are combined to output the panel image. This feature set provides a low cost, low power single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets requiring up to WVGA resolution.

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