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Graphics LCD Controller w/ CGROM


The S1D13700 embedded memory graphics LCD controller can display both text and graphics on an LCD panel. The S1D13700 allows layered text and graphics, scrolling of the display in any direction, and partitioning of the display into multiple screens. It includes 32 KB of embedded SRAM display memory which is used to store text, character codes, and bit-mapped graphics. The S1D13700 handles display controller functions including: transferring data from the controlling microprocessor to the buffer memory, reading memory data, converting data to display pixels, and generating timing signals for the LCD panel.


The S1D13700 is designed with an internal character generator which supports 160, 5x7 pixel characters in internal mask ROM (CGROM) and 64, 8x8 pixel characters in character generator RAM (CGRAM). When the CGROM is not used, up to 256, 8x16 pixel characters are supported in CGRAM.


Designed as a functional replacement to the SED1335, the S1D13700 has an expanded feature set which includes; direct support of the Motorola MC68K microprocessor family, embedded display buffer, increased clock speeds, increased grayscale depths, lower power technology and smaller packages.

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