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SVGA External SDRAM LCD Controller


The S1D13517 is a SVGA color LCD graphics controller which uses an external SDRAM display buffer. The S1D13517 supports an 8/16-bit indirect host interface while providing high performance bandwidth to external SDRAM, allowing for fast screen updates.


The S1D13517 supports displays up to 960x540 (QHD) @ 24 bpp or 800x600 (SVGA)@24bpp, controlling a main window and up to two picture-in-picture windows. Additionally, the S1D13517 incorporates a 2D graphics engine with alpha blending capability. It uses a double-buffer architecture to prevent any visual tearing during streaming video screen updates.


Targeted for SVGA designs, the S1D13517 combines a rich feature set with impartiality to CPU type or operating system which makes it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

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