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XGA External SDRAM Display Controller


The S1D13515 is a highly integrated LCD controller targeted at embedded markets. It advances on the successes of other Epson LCD controllers by embedding a proprietary 32-bit RISC CPU and associated accelerator blocks to achieve an increase in flexibility and functionality. Routines are provided allowing for audio playback, 2D BitBLT operations, warp and filtering operations, and the ability to offer OpenGL-ES 1.1 support. In particular, the Warp Logic functions make this an ideal solution for the automotive heads-up display (HUD) market, or pseudo 3D navigation displays.


The S1D13515 is an affordable, low power device which uses a flexible external SDRAM memory interface to provide its frame buffer. It supports a wide variety of CPU interfaces and LCD panel outputs which makes it an excellent choice for instrumentation or center cluster applications.


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