Video Encoder / TV Controller

The S1D13746 is a low cost video encoder that can also be used as a TV controller. Internal high quality scaling algorithms allow low resolution input to be smoothly scaled to the full resolution of PAL or NTSC standards. The controller contains a 312KB SRAM display buffer which allows image data to be stored for processing or displayed to a TV.

Supporting a variety of input formats, input images larger than the memory size are automatically scaled down using a Bi-cubic method before being stored. All images can be stored using a double-buffered architecture to prevent any visual tearing and act as a rate converter. All stored images can be further scaled up/down for output. If the resulting scaled image does not fit the maximum resolution as defined by the TV standard, the image is auto-centered and bordered.

The S1D13746 includes a 3x3 pixel filter and programmable chrominance / luminance filters to generate a high quality resulting image. Additional features such as, Wide-Screen Signaling, Closed Captioning, and a built-in Test Pattern Generator are also supported.

The minimal feature set and high level of integration (embedded high output DAC) provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets requiring digital video.

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