Development Partners

Swell Software's  is a Portable Embedded GUI library and development tool set designed specifically for embedded systems. PEG's small footprint, high performance and event-driven programming model make it perfect for today's multi-threaded embedded applications using video and LCD displays with EPSON LCD graphics controllers.

Besides an API and Class Library, PEG includes a complete set of development tools that are designed to help you reduce development time by making it easier to create professional-quality, multi-lingual, full-featured embedded GUIs.

Swell Software provides graphics drivers for a variety of EPSON LCD graphics controllers and continues to support our latest products.


Segger's  is a graphic system for embedded applications. It is designed with all kinds of embedded applications in mind - small ones with little memory, slow CPUs and small LCDs as well as time-critical ones with or without operating systems. It has a very modern design, consisting of different layers in different modules. One layer - called the LCD-driver - covers all access to the LCD. emWin works with all CPUs, since it is written in 100% ANSI-"C". Segger provides drivers for a variety of EPSON LCD controllers for any LCD panel that the EPSON controllers support.

An example of Segger software running with an Epson controller can be found in the 2002 model year BMW 7 series dashboard.